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  • Atheling — Ath el*ing ([a^]th [e^]l*[i^]ng), n. [AS. [ae][eth]eling noble, fr. [ae][eth]ele noble, akin to G. adel nobility, edel noble. The word [ae][eth]el, E. ethel, is in many AS. proper names, as Ethelwolf, noble wolf; Ethelbald, noble bold; Ethelbert …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • atheling — member of a noble family, O.E. æðling, from æðel noble family, related to O.E. æðele noble, from P.Gmc. *athala , from PIE *at al race, family, from *at(i) over, beyond, super + *al to nourish. With suffix ing belonging to …   Etymology dictionary

  • atheling — [ath′əl iŋ] n. [ME < OE ætheling < æthele, noble] a nobleman or prince of the Anglo Saxons …   English World dictionary

  • atheling — adeling, or atheling /aed(a)lir)/ Noble; excellent. A title of honor among the Anglo Saxons, properly belonging to the king s children …   Black's law dictionary

  • atheling — noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English ætheling, from æthelu nobility, akin to Old High German adal nobility Date: before 12th century an Anglo Saxon prince or nobleman; especially the heir apparent or a prince of the royal family …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • atheling — /ath euh ling, adh /, n. Early Eng. Hist. a man of royal blood; a prince. [bef. 1000; ME; OE aetheling (c. OHG ediling, adalung, OS ethiling), equiv. to aethel(u) noble family (c. OHG adoul, G Adel, OS athal(i), ON athal nature; akin to Tocharian …   Universalium

  • atheling — noun /ˈæðəlɪŋ/ a) a prince, especially an Anglo Saxon prince or royal heir b) A title of respect used in the modern pagan faith of Heathenry. See Also: athel …   Wiktionary

  • atheling — sb. == nobleman. Rel. S. vi. 11. AS. æþeling …   Oldest English Words

  • atheling — [ aθ(ə)lɪŋ] noun a prince or lord in Anglo Saxon England. Origin OE ætheling, of W. Gmc origin, from a base meaning race, family …   English new terms dictionary

  • atheling — ath·e·ling …   English syllables

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